2018 Summer Elite Camp

The 2018 Summer Elite Math Camp offers the following courses:

G12—mhf4u Advanced functions
G11—mcr3u functions
G10—mpm2d principles of mathematics
09—mpm1d principles of mathematics

2018 Summer Elite Math Camp Schedule:

To facilitate parents’ travel arrangements, a course is held in July and a course is held in August

Three hours per week to complete a subject unit, two weeks to complete a course;


2018 Summer Elite Math Camp enrollment method is flexible:

Students can choose to enroll in any one month course;

You can sign up for a week or enroll in a multiple-week course.

Small group, up to 5 people; low fees, good quality;

The quota is limited, the registration is speedy!

学生家长评价 Testimonial

如实评价 All are authentic

  • Han Zhi Parents

    “Hello, Mr. Zhang, Han-Zhi was admitted to the University of Virginia, the University of Victoria, and the other Emory University and the University of Leicester as alternate, to report to you! Thank you”

  • Bingbing’s parents

    “Thank you, you help her to learn that enthusiasm, help her to gain self-confidence, find ways to enjoy the joy of success, for BingBing it is too important, commendable! Thank you erin!.”

  • Testimonial from some parents

    “How are you Erin, he wants to learn mathematics with you to get a higher mark”
    “Yes, the mark is 100%, thank you, Erin”

老师介绍 Our Members

  • Erin Zhang

    Erin’s teaching achievement is outstanding, Many students got offer from the prestigious universities in United States and Canada;

    Taught many students to win the medals in Mathematical Olympiad;

    Tutoring in mathematics for years in Canada, familiar with Canadian mathematics syllabus, proficient in a variety of textbooks, good at discovering the problems in students’ learning methods and knowledge of the deficiencies, the situation in accordance with their aptitude, a short period of time to improve student performance

  • Luke Liu

    中国桂林电子科技大学通信工程专业毕业,曾任加拿大某通信公司系统工程师,系统部经理,副总裁,之前曾从业于多个国际著名通信公司—朗讯科技公司全球研发中心任研发工程师, UT斯达康研发中心任系统测试部主管。
    有二十多年计算机通信行业从业经验,先从事十余年软件设计和系统测试,熟悉python, Java, C, C++ 等各种软件设计语言;后从事十多年的计算机通信系统设计、维护,精通各种计算机操作系统,硬件和应用; 设计了多个语音通信网络和IP核心通信网络,监控维护系统;

    Lego Wedo2.0 课程 — 适合1年级到6年级学生,提高兴趣,锻炼工程创新能力
    Scratch 课程 — 适合3-6年级学生,提高计算机编程思维
    Python 课程 — 适合6-10年学生,学习编程语言,计算机算法,为G11-G12 及大学课程打下基础
    RasPberry Pi课程 — 适合8-11年级学生,使用RasPberry Pi单片机电脑设计各种高科技AI产品,综合各种电子、物理、机械、计算机操作系统、软件编程和算法等知识,全面培养工程设计能力